Foods & Bars



MYOS is all about meeting and connecting yourself to new people and experience! Situated on the ground floor lobby of the hostel, the bar and lounge is a perfect place to meet new people who you can explore with.

MYOS is an exclusive concept with no drinks menu. Each drinks will be tailored and unique, enhancing the experience of each guest.

The vibe of MYOS is designed to be warm and cozy, enabling both weary and energetic travelers to drink, hang out, and get to know one another in an intimate environment. You can listen to music, chat, and make new friends late into the night. If you’re feeling a little peckish, MYOS serves a range of light snacks and finger food to accompany your tailored made cocktail.


In Khmer, “AKAS” translates as SPACE. It is the perfect place to take a breath of the morning air or gaze at the late night city lights. The place for a bite or the last cocktails and everything in between. .The AKAS bar & restaurant features an extensive menu of appetizing local and international dishes, each with a distinctive flavor of their own. There is also an eclectic drinks menu, featuring many of the bartender’s old classics in addition to drinks that you will only find here in Siem Reap!

The Terrace

Are you looking to hang out and soak up the sun? Then look no further than the terrace! This outdoor space allows Twizt guests to relax and sunbathe, also providing you with easy access to the pool and pool bar, AKAS. If you feel hungry or thirsty while relaxing on the sun terrace, you can easily order drinks and light refreshments from the AKAS pool bar nearby.

DJs will often play upbeat and relaxing music all night, enabling you to relax, dance, and connect with your fellow residents.